Your Challenges

“We, Japan Desk, are committed to reducing the various Japan Risks that are expected to become apparent in Japan in the near future, and ensuring the permanence of significant and excellent Japanese companies." Shota OYA (Partner)

“我々Japan Deskは、今後日本にて顕在化してくるであろう様々なJapan Riskを低減させ、有意な日系企業の永続性を確保することに、全力で注力する所存です。” 大矢 昇太 (パートナー)

At present, Japan is in a booming state ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, however, at the same time faces major changes in the business environment, such as the tightening of the international political situation, the declining labor force and the weakening of the financial situation due to the low birthrate and biased aging population. The movement to promote business development in ASEAN regions with growth potential is also accelerating, especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, where there are many Japanese companies and the useful headquarters system has been established. It is no exaggeration to say that it functions as a hub. On the other hand, the number of Japanese companies seeking growth opportunities in Vietnam, Myanmar, etc., it is also increasing rapidly. We feel great joy and mission to support such Japanese companies developing in ASEAN business.


Only the international firm who has real integrated global partnership can provide excellent and valuable one-stop services, such as cross-border M&A, efficient and integrated audits in all jurisdictions lead by Japanese CPA, and the construction of international tax schemes prepared by tax expats in each country.

We are convinced, that is us, Mazars Japan Desk.