Tax Advisory & Compliance

Our tax practice, carried out under Mazars Taxation Services Sdn Bhd, provides the following services:

Compliance, tax advisory and tax planning for corporations, registered bodies, partnerships, joint ventures and individuals (including expatriates and non-residents), covering:

  • corporate, sole proprietorship and partnership income tax
  • employee income tax
  • real property gains tax
  • stamp duty exemptions

Tax field audits and investigations:

  • Acting on behalf of clients in handling tax audit and investigation cases
  • Meeting with clients to explain the relevant laws, procedure and practices
  • Advising clients of their rights and how to deal with the tax audit with the least interruption to their businesses
  • Reviewing tax returns, correspondence and accounting records
  • Advising clients on findings of the review
  • Attending meetings and responding to queries raised by the Inland Revenue Board
  • Analysing bank transactions and accounting data
  • Compiling assets betterment statements
  • Preparing gross profit analyses
  • Negotiating with the Inland Revenue Board for a reasonable basis of settlement of back taxes and penalty
  • Reviewing tax compliance history to assess risk of becoming a tax audit target
  • Advising on how to improve accounting systems for better tax compliance

Tax incentives and business related services:

  • Application for manufacturing licence and tax incentives
  • Compliance with exchange control regulations
  • Matters relating to indirect taxes, such as service tax licensing and import duties exemption