Payroll Outsourcing

At Mazars we help you manage your human resources with the dedication of experienced teams.
We know how key your people are to the success of your organization and how complicate it can be to follow-up and ensure the right decisions are made in a highly changing environment.

We take on your HR management: the terms and conditions of employment, working conditions, leave schemes, social security, dismissal procedures, or dealing with constantly changing regulations in this field – leaving you to concentrate on your staff, on training, retaining and rewarding them.

Problems you are facing

  • You lack the time to keep up to date with constant legislation change?
  • You want to be sure of applying the proper employment scheme for expatriates?
  • You don’t want to invest in a complex HR information system while still expect a high quality report?
  • You want to make sure that deadlines are kept, in terms of statutory returns (PCB/EPF/SOCSO/EIS) and staff payments?
  • You prefer to focus on your core business?
  • Confidentiality is very important for you?

Our Solution:

  • Preparing essential documentation to meet legal requirements and make sure you are protected in the event of a claim. We help with employment contracts, employee handbooks, HR policies and internal procedures and standard letters,
  • Providing specialists in employment legislation, social and health insurance regulations keeping you and your payroll requirement up to date with local regulation.
  • Managing pay for Foreign and Malaysian employees and , providing you with payslips, form, tax declarations etc.,
  • Consulting in the field of the optimal forms of employment,
  • Conducting HR & payroll reviews,
  • Your payroll data are kept safe in our office, informations are reported upon the channel of your choice.

Why us? Our key advantages

We take on all or parts of your wages processing – helping you designing the most effective pay and administration system. We save you time and help you reduce your HR running costs. Above all we ensure the confidentiality of your data and the respect of the complex and dynamic local legislation.

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