8th MAZARS TAX SEMINAR - on the 2017 Malaysian Budget Proposals

The Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance of Malaysia, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, will table the 2017 Malaysian Budget Proposals on 21 October 2016. How will the 2017 Budget Proposals impact you and your business? Will there be opportunities and new tax incentives in store in the 2017 Budget Proposals?

Are you interested to learn about taxation principles from recent decisions of the court? Have there been any previous lower court decisions which have been overturned by the higher courts, rendering the previous decisions invalid? Are there any lessons to learn and any pitfalls to avoid?

The Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) Guides are constantly being updated. Additional GST codes have recently been introduced. Certain GST provisions and practices of the Royal Malaysian Customs remain unclear todate. Specific GST treatment applies to a mixed supplier and to cross border transactions. The new GST Audit Framework has just been issued. How are you coping with all these challenges?

The Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard ("MPERS") has replaced the previous Private Entities Reporting Standards for financial statements beginning on or after 1 January 2016. The long-awaited Companies Bill 2015 has received Royal Assent and was gazetted as the Companies Act 2016 on 15 September 2016. What are the implementation issues and what are the tax implications involved?

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